'Elements' is a dialogue between 3 artists: Anje Claeys (Printmaking), Andrea Handl (Photography), Rachael Tyrell (Painting) who recently founded the Art Collective 'October Song'. They will set up a cocreative experience that you can follow from wherever you are. The start? October 31th.

We have no idea what the outcomes of 'Elements' might turn out to be, none of us really wants to know in advance. It is this 'not knowing' that makes it such a compelling undertaking for the three of us.

Each one of us brings her own ideas and 'elements' to the table. These are our basic ingredients but we have no book of recipes. Already these personal elements/ingredients are being flavored by the ingredients of the others, and we still have to cut, dice, season and cook. 


The art collective 'October Song' consists of 3 artists: Anje Claeys (printmaking), Andrea Handl (photography) and Rachael Tyrell (painting). 

Some words in Flemish...

  • Als ontrafelaar houdt Anje Claeys van moeilijke vragen. Als kunstenaar maakt ze cirkelende omzwervingen. De kruisbestuiving tussen woord en beeld is haar artistieke thuis.
  • Andrea Handl is psycholoog en geboeid door maakprocessen van mensen. Ze fotografeert mensen en wat ze maken met hun handen. Als fotograaf capteert ze hun verhaal.
  • Rachael Tyrell schildert portretten. Ze maakt objecten en houdt van eenvoud. Ze filosofeert met haar verf en schildert po√ęzie. De natuur vormt haar fundamentele grondtoon.

The Art Collective 'October Song' seems a possible way for us to bypass (or even critically detour) the usual notions of who or what an artist is or should be and what it is they should make. Hopefully dialogues will develop within the group that will inspire new work where the authorship (and indeed the work itself) exists in an indistinctive liminal zone.

Practical information

Live performance starting on October 31th and running until December 2nd.

As you know, each performance needs spectators. A work of art doesn't exist in isolation, it needs an eyewitness. This is why we invite you along, but not as a mute witness for you have voices and ideas of your own which we gladly stir into our mix.

If you would like to participate by being an eyewitness, please fill out the form, so we can invite you to whatever comes. 

What you can do, in 3 steps:

  1. In case you want to be an eyewitness, then fill out the form, so we can reach you and interact
  2. Get access to the performance via the weblink below that documents our trail, as a sort of book
    Extra (but not required): follow the stream on our Instagram chanel @octobersong.elements
  3. Enjoy what comes

Beeld: 'Dialogue', photograph by Anje Claeys (copyright)

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