Facing yourself

14 december 2023

Facing yourself

Trying to wrap up, look at, sort out all thoughts and emotions that Elements and its three settings have brought would be impossible. So I am not even close to managing that. But let me share a few thoughts nonetheless.

1) Showing art, showing what you have made to other people to me means first facing yourself. Looking within first.

2) Co-creating has been wonderful. It is freeing, it is connecting, it is discovering. I want more of that!

3) There is so much to be said about the process of making art that I sense there could be a lot of posts on that. Whether or not those will happen here on this account I am not sure about. But my gut feeling is saying that there is a need to talk about it and to share. Not just for me or the three of us.

If you have shared our journey for a bit on here, what were your thoughts? What came up? We would love to hear about that.



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