Generosity over fear?

16 oktober 2023

Generosity over fear?

Do you choose generosity over fear?

That is one of the questions that spring to my mind this morning. Being afraid to share your ideas or to share your photo online is part of the game. It can be a place to depart from. But it is not where things need to end.

What you have to give to the world with your business, your skills, your personality is unique. That voice in your head that is telling you otherwise wants to keep you safe. Better not share. Better rethink that. Better stay quiet. What could other people think.

But we need you. As you are.

In what way could you generously, gently and consciously share your ideas, thoughts and work with us today?

I am making a start by posting these words this morning. Yes, and I did hear you, dear safekeeping voice. But it's okay. I choose to share.

Because, who knows, perhaps someone out there needs to read these words this morning. And if not? Well, then, my dear voice, I just chose to opt for generosity over fear. Period.

And now you can just let me get on with things.

It's all good.

Text by Andrea Handl
Photograph by Andrea Handl


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