In touch

18 december 2023

In touch

I have always struggled a bit with accepting the internet as a medium, I’m one of those people who just has to touch the work if it’s possible to do so. It’s a strange compulsion, not always popular. Once confronted with a Fra Angelico Annunciation in Oxford I was quietly chastised by a gallery guard for stepping over the little piece of rope to gently touch the edge of the frame. It’s the same with anything that I rate as great art. I just had to set a facsimile of Duchamps Bicycle Wheel spinning in the Tate Modern because it was something he liked to do himself. Paintings, sculptures, installations (but not videos) I have to gently reach out to touch them, pretty much the way I have to poke and prod a cat or a dog or a horse, it’s a tactile thing. I can’t think why I have to do this, it’s kind of perverse maybe? 

I think this is why Elements has been so challenging for me, I know my works visually translate to electronic screens very well, but secretly deep down I always felt a bit odd that no one was going to touch my work. The hard conceptual artist that is my true self should be yelling in my ear telling me off over this, but that voice is silent. Why? 

We all wanted Elements to ask more questions than it answered. In this it has been a stunning success. It has been fun and both Anje and Andrea taught me so much. Thankyou. To be continued. 

Oh yes the commentary on the remaining paintings... another time perhaps, I talk too much.



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