The concept

27 oktober 2023

The concept

1 room
3 artists
1 performance
# settings
5 circles

The artists: they show their art in the room. A simple meeting room in an abbey in a city in Flanders.

The eyewitnesses: they got a ticket via the website and get the chance to interact. Register via Free access.

The crowd on Instagram: they can see the images and can read the reflections, from day to day. The feed starts on October 31th. Follow our special Instagram account @octobersong.elements. Free access.

The website followers: they can read the blog, which is more extended than the Instagram feed. See it as an online book. The blog has started in september. Free access.

The users of the room: they get a chance to see the work in the room. Frequent users perhaps will notice that the artworks change. This has to do with circle 1, the artist. Cause they constantly interact with each other, via whatsapp and live. They go through their drawers, they create, they present art work, they discuss what to show and how to create a setting that fits, a setting that tells a story. The stories will be told through the multitude of channels.

So, what’s next? Choose your circle of preference.

1. Be close. Get involved. Follow the artists, talk to them, chat, phone, mail. Anje Claeys @bioartprint, Andrea Handl, Rachael Tyrell
2. Be an eyewitness. Get a ticket and we’ll reach out to you via mail.
3. Be an observer. Follow our common Instagram account.
4. Be a reader. Surf to the blog on the website on a regular basis.
5. Be a viewer. In case you are a user of the meeting room in the abbey, check the walls. Their is something there that might draw your attention. Enjoy it. Read the story. Capture the baseline.

We are looking forward to welcome you in 1 of the 5 circles. And, we’re curious. Off course. Cause we don’t have a clue of what will come. We only have the concept. The best is yet to come.

Text by Anje Claeys
Photograph by Anje Claeys


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