13 november 2023


A bowl of walnuts. On the table in Anje's atelier. It caught my attention while we were sitting in the comfy chairs, talking about art and creating and all sorts of things.

That was last Wednesday, when we decided we would start filling empty white paper with drawings or illustrations. Spontaneously. So that they would be displayed.

If you know me a little, you know that I usually hold the camera in mind hands to create. But that's not enough. I also need other ways of creating. So my hands have been itching to do something else.

But the white paper. Too scary. Because drawing, well, drawing, I like it, used to do it, but,...can I? Just do it? Just fill the empty paper? And is that then "enough"? Is that enough to share?

Half of my brain froze in this "white paper situation". The other half decided not to, grabbed a walnut and started playing around, creating patterns by rolling the nut on carbon paper (on top of the white sheet of paper). And then came some ink drawings and some words. And then..that was that.

Is it enough? Is it art? Is it..anything?

What it definitely is is a moment captured in time on paper (not pixels) by my hands. And a brain that came out of the freezing mode with every bit of ink being layered onto the paper.

In a nutshell: Sometimes all you need is a bowl of walnuts.


Text by Andrea Handl
Photographs by Andrea Handl


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